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We can handle plans of any size or work with you to create your brand's perfect bespoke icon set from scratch!

  • What is a Kit?

    A Kit is a collection of icons, CSS, settings, and traditional typographic fonts. You typically have one per website.


    Optimize your kit down to just the icons your site needs, saving valuable bandwidth and making your site load faster.


    Fort Awesome has the same great CSS used by Font Awesome. Optimize your kit further and load just the CSS you need!


    Change your CSS prefix, set the domains allowed for your Kit, and customize icon names.


    Choose from a few of the best free fonts or upload your own. We'll even help with sub-setting to just the languages you need to speed things up even more!

  • What are Icon Fonts?

    The traditional font container turns out to be a great way to deliver icons on the web. They're vector graphics, which means they scale up perfectly and look awesome on retina. And just like with traditional typography, you can easily change an icon's size, color, drop shadow, or anything else that's possible with CSS.

  • What's in the Starter Icon Library?

    Paid plans get access to our Starter Icon Library, which includes thousands of icons from tons of icon sets. Want to see them all? You can check out the full list and browse our icon sets.

  • What are Custom Icons?

    Vector icons are awesome on websites, but they can be a pain. Fort Awesome makes all that easy. You can copy and paste vector icons out of Illustrator CC and into Fort Awesome, or you can upload your own SVG file. Add your company logo, an icon that's missing from your favorite set, or anything else you need!

  • What are Typefaces?

    In addition to serving your icons, Fort Awesome can also serve up your traditional typographic Typefaces. You can choose from a few of the best free fonts or upload you own. We'll even help with sub-setting to just the languages you need to speed things up even more!

  • What's a Pageview?

    Each time one of your pages with a Fort Awesome kit is viewed, a pageview is counted. Pageviews are counted on a monthly basis.

  • What customer support do you offer?

    For Basic Plans and above, we offer direct online help (via live chat or email). Our team is here to help you understand how to get started, get the most out of your Fort Awesome plan, and address any issues or concerns you may have.

    Note: This service is not available 24 hours a day - we generally will address questions and issues within the next business day.

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